Skin Repair Essential Oil

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Skin Repair Essential Oil Skin Repair Essential OilSkin Repair Essential OilBenefits: The removal of acne, fade scars, repair cells, skin brightening

Ingredients: Essential oil, lavender essential oil, grape, lemon essential oil, fennel oil, rosemary oil, rose oil, Yilan oil. 

Directions: 1.Take a small amount of scar removal oil  2. Add 2-3 drops in your palm 3.Gently massage on affected areas 4.Massage until absorbed. 5.Apply it every day after bathing or after warming your face for 3-5 minutes with a hot towel. This will improve the skin's absorption of nutrients from the oil.

Recommendations: Small scar, 1 bottle / Large scar, 2 bottles / Traumatic scar, burn scar, and others, 3 three bottles (a course). Skin Repair Essential Oil Skin Repair Essential Oil Skin Repair Essential Oil

Size: 10ml