NEW! 20 Pairs 8-25mm False Eyelashes/100 Mink Eyelashes

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Get ready to be wowed by our 16 or 20 Pairs 8-25mm False Eyelashes/100 Mink Eyelashes - the ultimate treat for those with a sharp eye for opulence and charisma. Step into a realm of sumptuous beauty with our magnificent collection.


Product Information:
False Eyelash Type: Eyelash Band
False Eyelashes Material: 1 cm to 1.5 cm
False Eyelash Band: Plastic Cotton Stalk
False Eyelash Type: Full-length Eyelashes
False Eyelash Style: Crisscross
Manufacturing Process: Handmade
Item Type: False Eyelashes

Style A: 20pairs 12D001
Style B: 20pairs 12D002
Style C: 20pairs 12D003
Style D: 20pairs 12D00A
Style E: 20pairs 12D012
Style F: 20pairs 12D013
Style G: 20pairs 12D008
Style H: 20pairs 12D009
Style I: 20pairs 12D010
Style J: 16pairs 3DF001
Style K: 16pairs 3DF002
Style L: 20pairs 12D007
Style M: 16pairs 3DF003
Style N: 16pairs 3DF010
Style O:20pairs 12D006
Style P: 16pairs 3DF011
Style Q: 16pairs 3DF012
Style I: 16pairs 3DF013
Style S: 20pairs F063
Style T: 20pairs F064
Style U: 20pairs F065
Style V: 16pairs 3DF009
Style W: 20pairs F066
Style X: 20pairs F067

style: A