Natural Slim Small Triangle Eyebrow Pencil

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Product information:

[Product Name]: Very Fine Triangle Eyebrow Pencil (Very Fine Version)
[Net content]: 0.1g
Category: Eyebrow Pencil
Applicable gender: female
Condition: New
Colour: Black
Specifications: normal specifications
Model: RD025
Color classification: 01#natural gray, 02# brown, 03# linen color, 04# brown black, 05# black
Instructions for use: 1. Open the lid and turn clockwise to unscrew the pen core. If you turn in the wrong direction, there will be a "click" sound, please do not continue to rotate, so as not to cause the pen core to break.
2. When using, because the texture is soft and waxy, it is enough to unscrew 1-2 mm, and don't use too much force to avoid breaking.


The texture is smooth and does not agglomerate, the color is even and soft, and it is easy
Draw the line of the eyebrows, not easy to smudge, depict the roots
A single stroke of shaped makeup lasts for a long time without fading.

Packing list:

Eyebrow pencil*1


Color: Grey
capacity: 0.1g