Hot-Selling ION Hot Spray Steamer

Sale price$15.40

Material : ABC

Have you ever heard of the saying "a woman can't do anything without water"? A woman needs moisture to nourish facial skin. It has been scientifically proven that water is an indispensable element in skin cells. Healthy cell water content is 70% of the layer, 50% of the epidermal layer, 30% of the cuticle layer, and the skin with insufficient water.

Fog time: 11-30 seconds


Color classification: purple, pink

Spray heat: hot spray product function 85, 110-240 vac 50/60 hz - 110 - w•PTC heats, boiling for 90 seconds The LED light•0/1/2 tap setting• steam regulating valve• constant temperature to prevent dry burning,

Included: main body, a mask, a nasal mask, a measuring cup

product quality assurance for 1 year

CE, ROHS certification

The decorative rings in the product can be removed or matched with other colors.


Color: Violet