Electric Bath Brush

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Product Category: Electric Bath Brush
Material: ABS

(1) long handle design (can wash any part of the body by itself), waterproof design, replaceable brush head (send four brush heads at random)

(2) Pressing the automatic shower gel;

(3) massage, body peeling function;

(4) bath ball, foaming

(5) The foot rubs, the middle part of the brush contains stumbling stones, rubbing against the foot, can treat the hard sputum, foot pad and athlete's foot produced by the foot, especially for the patients with rough, dry and peeling skin on the sole of the foot. It is often used repeatedly, and it can also massage the acupuncture points of the feet, accelerate microcirculation, adjust blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve fatigue, and promote human metabolism.

Size 19.5*21.8*8.3

Color: gray