Slimming Body Cream

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1. It boosts skin elasticity and firmness. 2. Quickly absorbed and long-lasting, this cream creates a toned appearance. 3. Extracts replenish and hydrate the skin while locking in a healthy glow. 4. Highly penetrating with significant, lasting results. 5. Skin stays hydrated post-use and burn calories continuously.

Product Instructions:
1-2 three times a day, after cleaning, in specific parts (such as arms, thighs, lower abdomen) or systemic use.
1. Apply a suitable amount to the skin and massage in a circular motion for about 10 minutes until you feel the skin is warm and relaxed.
2. is recommended for use after a hot bath (or a warm towel)

Main ingredients: Xanthan gum, caffeine, bisabolol

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